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Inside and Outside Window Cleaning

1-2 Bedrooms $149

3-4 Bedrooms $249

5-6 Bedrooms $399

7-8 Bedrooms $549

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Window Cleaning Christchurch | Window Washing Services

For a bedroom and a living area, including windows, both inside and outside the premises.

CleaningPro window cleaners provide the best service in Christchurch, and with a single call to our team, you can have your windows cleaned at any time of day. Professional window cleaners use high-quality tools to make things easier for you. They will bring everything they need, like squeegees, ladders, safety harnesses, etc., so if you're interested, just give us a call!

Windows not only provide the required air ventilation but are equally responsible for ensuring a clear outside view, adding to the serenity. If your windows are dirty and have stains, it's like having blurred vision, and you should definitely avoid this. The windows are subjected to pollution and are bound to get dirty. If the windows are properly washed and cleaned, they offer an amazing view. Dirty windows give the same opposite feeling, that is, a feeling of untidiness and unease. Do you think that your windows need to be cleaned? Do you want your home to look tidy from the outside? Obviously, you would want to. Get in touch with us to hire a professional window cleaner and avail high-quality window washing services by CleaningPro, because we have everything you need to give your windows a new look.

Do you want to know what CleaningPro is? We are a small team of highly experienced professionals qualified for all kinds of cleaning jobs for domestic and commercial spaces. CleaningPro takes pride in providing the best window cleaning and window washing services in Christchurch, thanks to the determination of its employees, who always do a perfect job. Do you live within a 30km radius of Christchurch? Call us to immediately book window cleaning services for your living space.

Here's how our team works:

Once our team arrives, they will discuss your concerns because every home is different.

First, they will ask you to remove all objects attached to the window or sills to avoid damage. Our team is professional and would handle every objective with care, but as they are valuable, we recommend that you remove them beforehand.

They are always punctual. Our team has a record of being over 90% of the time. If, for any reason, they arrive late, the representative will call you and let you know to avoid any inconvenience.

Our employees have all of the tools and supplies they need to finish any job..

We are always friendly and willing to help.

The products we use

At CleaningPro, we make it our priority to work both inside and outside your home, using environmentally-friendly, mild, and non-toxic solutions. Our attention to even the smallest details ensures a thorough cleaning. We use ladders when necessary to access hard-to-reach areas, and our process begins with pressure washing the exterior before cleaning the interior. We utilize specially formulated soaps for a streak-free window cleaning.

Experience a Brighter, Healthier Home

Keeping your windows clean allows more natural light to enter your home, not only enhancing your mood but also improving indoor air quality. As professional window cleaners, we recognize the importance of maintaining pristine windows – and we guarantee satisfaction with our top-notch services.

First Impressions Make an Impact

First impressions certainly matter, especially when it comes to your front window. A cluttered or unclean front window may create an impression that your home is disorganized or untidy. If you are selling your property, an unkempt appearance may turn away potential buyers. At the very least, a dirty, cluttered window detracts from the attractiveness of your home.

Our expert team is dedicated to making all your windows and glass surfaces sparkle, free from unsightly streaks and smears. This not only improves the appearance of your home but also contributes to better air quality. Professionally cleaned windows allow more natural light to enter, enhancing the atmosphere while improving the indoor environment.

Cleaning Windows from Inside

The windows at home have all been cleaned with a paper towel or a newspaper at some point in our lives. In no time at all, we all realise that there must be a better and more efficient way to accomplish this. Mopping and squeegeeing are by far the fastest and most effective ways to clean inside windows. Mopping with this mop is easy because of its unique design, which makes it easy to remove grime, fingerprints, and dust. Once that's done, all you need is a few strokes of the squeegee to get a streak-free sparkling finish. A dry towel is all you need to wipe the corners and frames clean. You can trust us to clean your windows perfectly using this method since we have years of experience.

Cleaning Windows from Outside

It can be difficult to clean outside windows, especially if the building has more than one floor. Due to their special light design and versatile brush head, telescopic window cleaning poles can do the job in this case. Ideally, the mop and squeegee method would work for a single-story home. By squeegeeing and scrubbing the window yourself, you have an advantage over the machine. A special water filtration system (tanks) is combined with the telescopic carbon fibre window cleaning poles. When used on your windows, the water remains 100% pure and leaves no streaks or water spots behind. It is clear that both methods have their advantages, and when performed by a skilled window cleaner, they ensure excellent results.

Why Choose CleaningPro for Your Window Cleaning Needs?

With substantial experience in the industry, we have provided window cleaning services to residential properties in Christchurch for many years. Be it scheduled maintenance throughout the year or a one-time special occasion, our highly trained experts are equipped to clean windows in homes, apartments, and rental properties.

Our comprehensive cleaning service covers mirrors, shower glass, various internal glass surfaces and windows, and door tracks. We also take care of all windows, glass doors, and their surroundings, as well as skylights, leadlight glass, and balustrades.

Exceptional Workmanship

Our cleaners are highly trained professionals with years of experience in commercial and residential window cleaning services. We take great pride in delivering top-quality results, adhering to high standards across all our services.

Environmentally Conscious Products

We use eco-friendly products that have no adverse side effects on the environment while still delivering high-quality results. Our cleaning process avoids the use of harsh detergents, preventing harmful chemicals from entering your stormwater drains and ensuring a safe experience for both you and your family.

Choose CleaningPro for a reliable, eco-friendly, and professional window cleaning experience that leaves your home looking its best and brightest. Our dedication to quality, expert knowledge, and commitment to environmentally responsible practices make us the premier choice for all your window cleaning needs.

What We Guarantee

Our customer service is world-class, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Please tell us if you aren't completely satisfied with our service, and we will refund your full payment.

Prices for window cleaning:

The prices below include windows, both inside and outside the premises:

1-2 bedrooms $ 149

3-4 bedrooms $ 249

5-6 bedrooms $ 399

7-8 bedrooms $ 549

Living space $ 40

Garage windows $ 40

Double story house + $ 60

Triple story house + $ 120

Note: the price does not include balustrades, awnings, porches, or skylights (would be charged in addition to regular window cleaning services).

* For homes with extra windows, sliding glass doors, and multiple levels/story, our team may need to modify the quote, subject to the on-site visit before the job is undertaken.

** The customer is responsible for the parking and will have to pay the costs associated with parking if the parking is not available.

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