Spring Cleaning Christchurch 


1-Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Bathroom and 1 living area $169
Extra Bedrooms $50 Each
Extra Bathrooms $69 each
Extra Living Rooms $60 each
Second Kitchen $69
Laundry $40
Separate Toilet $40
Single Garage $49
Double Garage $79
Triple Garage $109

Prices are based on standard room sizes. (Bedrooms up to 15SQM and Living Areas up to 20SQM)

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 Spring Cleaning Christchurch / Deep Cleaning

CleaningPro is one of the fastest-growing companies, and we have a unique Spring Cleaning or Deep Cleaning Service for you in Christchurch. Our qualified and well-trained team is just one call away from you, doing what they do best by providing quality service at affordable rates that will leave your home feeling fresh all year round!

Why choose CleaningPro Christchurch for your Spring Cleaning:

  • CleaningPRO’s staff is fast, efficient, and friendly, and they will ensure that your building and property are ready and fresh for the new season without causing you any kind of stress or tension.
  • Our staff uses the latest innovative cleaning equipment that gives you the surety of our high standards of Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.
  • One of our organisational values includes Customer Satisfaction, and we try to ensure we perform practically. That is why we have an immense trusting relationship with our clients in our services.

The checklist that we have for spring-cleaning is as follows:

  1. Living Room Cleaning:
  • Cobweb removal
  • General tidying
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • Ledges and window outline disinfecting
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Hard floor surface mopping
  • Wiping furniture
  • Entryways/outlines cleaning
  • Light fittings
  • Walls cleaning


  1. Kitchen cleaning:
  • Outside kitchen pantry cleaning
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances externally
  • Ledges and window outlines
  • Cleaning of microwave inside/outside
  • Cleaning of Oven outside
  • Cleaning of Fridge outside
  • Cleaning Rangehood outside
  • Sinks (cleaning, purification, and chrome sparkle)
  • Benchtop cleaning
  • Cobweb removal
  • Hard floor surface vacuum
  • Moping


  1. Bathroom Cleaning:
  • Shower
  • Ledges
  • Sink
  • Tapes
  • Light fittings
  • Knobs cleaning
  • Bathtub
  • Mirrors
  • Hard floor surface vacuum
  • Mopping


  1. Bedroom Cleaning:
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning marks and spots from walls and light fittings
  • Wiping skirting, vacuuming, and mop floors
  • Dusting furniture
  • Wiping windowsills and frames


Spring Cleaning Prices:

  • 1-Bedroom House $169
  • 2-Bedroom House $219
  • 3-Bedroom House $269
  • 4-Bedroom House $319
  • 5-Bedroom House $369
  • 6-Bedroom House $419


All of these prices include one bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room. All additional rooms will have an extra charge applied to them as they are not included in the price.

Extra charges are as follows:

  • Additional Kitchen $69, Additional Bathroom $69, Extra Living Room $49.
  • (Small) Cleaning Oven Inside $69: Inside cleaning of the appliance, removal of oil build-up, and outside surface cleaning.
  • Cleaning Oven Inside (Large) $99: Inside cleaning of the appliance, removal of oil build-up, and outside surface cleaning.
  • Inside Refrigerator $49: Defrosting, cleaning, removal of mold, grime, and food waste.
  • Kitchen Pantry Interior $59: Cleaning within kitchen pantry shelves/organizers. (Cabinets must be empty).
  • Inside window Cleaning: Small house $105, Medium house $149, Large house $199, XL House $299
  • Outside Window Cleaning: Small house $105, Medium house $149, Large house $199, XL House $299
  • Inside/Outside Window Cleaning Combo: Small house $149, Medium House $249, Large House $399, XL House $549
  • Charges for Single Garage $40, Double Garage $79, Triple Garage $99, Laundry $35, Separate Toilet $35.


  1. Ceiling cleaning:

Small house: $149 (fewer and less demanding spots) or $249 (heavy-duty cleaning).

Medium house: $249 (fewer and less demanding spots) or $349 (heavy-duty cleaning).

Large house: $349 (fewer and less demanding spots) or $499 (heavy-duty cleaning).

Double Storey: +$60

Triple Storey: +$120

Residential carpet cleaning service is also something that is offered in combination with one-off and spring cleaning.

How did "spring cleaning" get its name?

There is some debate as to where the phrase "spring cleaning" got its start, but now is the perfect time to give your home a deep cleaning from top to bottom! Investing in household cleaning services that will keep your home clean throughout the year is an even better alternative to performing a large cleaning makeover.

One Time Cleaning Events

The house cleaning services provided by Molly Maid are able to assist you with extensive, one-time cleaning chores. In addition to the services that are on your regular schedule, we are able to come to your home and give it a comprehensive cleaning as well as disinfect it for special occasions such as spring cleaning, a party, or for any other reason. Cleaning will be taken care of in advance of the event by our reputable maid service, who will first establish a cleaning strategy in collaboration with you and then execute the plan. With the assistance of the residential cleaning services provided by Molly Maid, you may spend less time cleaning the cupboards and more time enjoying them.

Special Requests

A significant number of our clients seek our assistance with an additional cleaning task that may or may not be covered by their regularly scheduled service. When situations like these arise, the cleaning professionals at CleaningPro are more than pleased to assist you. We work with you to determine a convenient time and cleaning schedule so that we can take care of the occasional cleaning needs that arise.

Happiness Guaranteed

After our cleaners have finished cleaning your house and offices, you won't need to hunt for anyone else to do the job..


Important notes:

* If the houses need extra efforts, 25% extra is charged on spring cleaning service.

**Customer is responsible for parking wherever the parking cost is incurred.

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