Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Polishing Christchurch


Vinyl Floor Cleaning $6 Per Sqm

Vinyl Stairs Cleaning $10 Per Step

Vinyl Floor Strip Seal and Polishing $12 Per Sqm (Standard)

Vinyl Floor Strip Seal and Polishing $16 Per Sqm (Heavy Duty)

Vinyl Stairs Cleaning & Polishing $15 Per Step

Extra $50 per Room

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Polishing in Christchurch


Specialising in vinyl floor scrubbing, stripping, cleaning, and polishing, CleanigPro brings for you top-notch vinyl floor cleaning and polishing services in Christchurch. Long-lasting, glossy, and slip-resistant, that is what our Vinyl floor cleaning and polishing is. Known as Quality Floor Cleaners in Christchurch, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your floors are free of grease, dirt, sand, and grime for a pristine finish. Stripping, sealing, and polishing the vinyl floor is a job that requires expert help and professional touch. Let CleaningPro in Christchurch handle that for you.

Over time, the flooring becomes shabby-looking, rugged, and stained. It will look completely new if you get professional help with floor vinyl floor cleaning and floor polishing in Christchurch. Known for giving a polished look, smoothness, and guaranteed slip resistance, CleaningPro can take care of your eroded flooring in Christchurch very easily. Any floor would require periodic polishing to maintain its smooth, pristine, and silky finish. Don't let the foot traffic take away its beautiful look. Want to get a quote? Talk to us and one of our tech specialists will visit and provide you with a market-competitive quote. Let one of the best vinyl floor cleaners be at your service.

Want to know more about vinyl flooring services in Christchurch? Check below:

Vinyl floor cleaning and scrubbing in Christchurch

Old tiles will lose their shine over time, but you bring it back through extensive floor scrubbing. Don't let your house/office floors stay dull in appearance. Using toxin-free, safe, and environmentally friendly chemical cleaning products, our experts are committed to giving your floors a new look. CleaningPro in Christchurch is all set to revolutionise how quality vinyl floor cleaning and scrubbing in Christchurch are performed. Our team of experts can fight all kinds of stain and streak on your floors. We make sure that there are no abrasion or harmful effects of the chemicals on the flooring. Need finishes at your domestic or commercial space? Avail the services of the best commercial cleaners in Christchurch.

Vinyl Floor Striping

Who doesn't want to retain the pristine and shiny look of their floors? Choose CleaningPro for the best vinyl floor stripping and polishing services in Christchurch. We use the quality products and trusted brands to scrape off older polish, followed by the reapplication of a new and better one. Our experts are trained, experienced, and well-versed about the required pressure and product to get a job done. We make sure that your floors not only look great but also last long with our penetrative stain free services which include everything from cleaning flood damage to removing dirt or paint spills!

Vinyl floor sealing

Due to foot traffic and friction from furniture and equipment moved on the floor, the flooring can't help but wear off. Prevention is better than cure. Get a vinyl floor sealing applied in Christchurch by CleaningPro, providing trusted vinyl floor sealing in Christchurch. Using high-quality products, we seal the floor after successfully stripping it. Once the vinyl floor cleaning and stripping are completed, our professionals seal the floor to prevent dirt and grime from settling into the pores of Vinyl.

Vinyl floor Polishing

Want to give your floor a shine that stays for long? Get vinyl floor polishing by CleaningPro in Christchurch. Applying triple coats of polish to vinyl flooring, we use anti-slip emulsion polish formula to provide a long-lasting gloss to the floor. You will see your reflection in the tiles after our team leaves.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Polishing Prices

Vinyl floor cleaning $6 per square metre. (Minimum booking 40Sqm, i.e., $240) Stairs Vinyl cleaning $5 per Step up to 1.5M wide.

Vinyl Floor Stripping, Sealing, and polishing (Standard) $12 per square metre. (Minimum Charge 40Sqm, i.e., $480).

Vinyl Floor Stripping, Sealing, and polishing (Heavy Duty) $16 per square metre. (Minimum Charge 40Sqm, i.e., $480).

Stairs Stripping, Sealing, and polishing $15 per Step up to 1.5M wide.

Note that all quotations are based on a continuous area. Separate rooms and toilets have an additional per room charge of $50. For areas over 200 sq. meters, our team will schedule a visit and provide you with a competitive price (with discounts) in accordance with the area. Note that all floors must be vacant; if not, it should be moved before the cleaning process starts.

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*Floors requiring extra efforts will be charged additional, after on-site inspection

**We only clean and polish the floor, we do not correct existing damages to the floor

***Parking is the customer's responsibility, any parking cost would be borne by the customer.

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