Chandelier and Lighting cleaning

Chandelier and Lighting Cleaning in Christchurch

  • Cleaning a chandelier can be hard, tiring and time-consuming.
  • The glass arms are so fragile that it takes few people to carry and drop them carefully..
  • In order to clean a chandelier, the whole fixture should be removed from its installation and each piece carefully cleaned by hand.
  • This requires special care and is not recommended for those without knowledge of what they're doing, as well as proper equipment
  • Our trained cleaning professionals are experienced in the most challenging residential lighting, and they'll handle it with ease.
  • They have years of experience in this field to help them ensure the quality of service.
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What's the last thing you did to keep your chandelier sparkling brightly?

The light from outside is beautiful, but don’t underestimate the difference a crystal wash can have on your room's soft glow.

Nobody wants to see dust-covered and dirty light fixtures hanging in their homes.

Cleaning chandeliers is a time-consuming and tiring process. Given that the glass arms are fragile, it requires multiple people to carry them safely down from the ceiling with only their hands; which means you're wasting your time or can potentially cause damage if you don't have insurance.

The  first step to cleaning a chandelier is removing the whole fixture from whatever surface it's installed on. The individual pieces should be carefully cleaned by hand, and this can only happen if you have knowledge or special equipment for handling delicate items like these. In an ideal situation, cleaners use water-spray without any issue; however when done wrong there are side effects such as dripping water that could damage its internal structure because of how fragile they really are!

It is often said that light brings life, and when it comes to your home or office, you know best. Cleaning for your chandeliers or stained glass windows will not only make them sparkle but bring back the brightness of natural lighting!

Hire a professional cleaning team that cleans chandeliers and lighting for you.

CleaningPRO  is a company that strives to provide high-quality chandelier and lighting cleaning services in order for you to keep your home looking beautiful.

Since we've been in the business of cleaning, we have become one of the best service providers for chandeliers and lighting fixtures. We use traditional as well as modern techniques to ensure that all traces of dust, smoke or soot are removed from them - leaving you with the illuminated space your home deserves.

Our highly-trained cleaners are experts at cleaning the most challenging residential lighting with ease. They have years of experience in this field, and you can trust them to do a great job for your home!

Work is done when the light is on but sometimes the ceiling and lights are taken down so that we can fully clean up in a workshop.

Chandeliers and lighting cleaning is not a one-size fits all service. Contact us to get an estimate of your specific needs with chandeliers, lamps, or ceiling fixtures.

*We work to give you the best service, but please note that we cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

We are professionals who only take care of your needs from start to finish so don't worry about a thing!