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2 Coats of Exterior Paint $49 per Sqm

1 Coat of UnderCoat $25 Per Sqm


Deck Up to 30 SQM (+$499.00)

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CleaningPro house painters provide professional exterior and interior painting services in Christchurch. Our expert team of professionals will walk you through the basics of colour schemes and ideas for your home to make sure it has a beautiful finish that reflects both its internal and external beauty. Call us now on 0800 405 670 to discuss your painting needs in the Christchurch area!

The exterior of your home is the first impression for everyone who walks by or enters. Why not make it a good one? A fresh coat of paint on the exterior can revitalise both your feelings about your home and its appearance to others! If you don’t like how something looks, try changing the colour; it may be just what they need to brighten up their day.

House painting services are complicated. There's paint, labour, tools, and then there's GST to consider as well! You can choose to add extras such as decks or fences if you want a little something extra for your home while we're doing all that work on it too. We require 50% of the payment upfront before starting any exterior house painting job.

We believe that our customers choose us not only because of how we make them feel but also for the quality of our service. All of our painters are experienced and trained in order to know what needs to be done when it comes time to paint your home with care. Once you go through CleaningPro's list process, don't forget to ask for other services such as carpet cleaning or window washing before making a final decision!

Our Exterior House Painting includes these steps:

  1. Set-Up and Colour Choice

One of the first steps in exterior painting for your home is choosing a color. At our company, you will be given access to an online catalogue with all sorts of paints and colors, from which you can choose whichever shade suits your tastes best!

  1. Wall Preparation

Our house painters will prepare your exterior paint job by filling holes and cracks in the walls, sealing stains, and sanding surfaces. These preparation techniques ensure a quality exterior finish on any project!

  1. Painting

We will make sure your house is beautiful by priming any skimpy areas and giving them two coats of high-quality paint. All the edges of the new drywall will be clean, so you won't even see where we patched up a hole!

  1. Clean Up

After the paint dries, we will be coming back to your house with a team of skilled professionals to help you move everything that's left back into its great old spots. Before we leave, we'll vacuum and sweep the floors to get rid of any dust bunnies that are still there.

  1. Final Inspection

We will need you to sign off on the final inspection. Give us your feedback and let's make this work together!

A LOT OF house painters simply paint over damaged sealants.

Because we are experts in making exteriors weather-tight at CleaningPro, we are aware that house paint is more than just an aesthetic option; rather, it is the first line of defence for your property against the elements. Using modern house paints and technology that makes waterproof membranes, house painters in Auckland now play an important role in making sure that your home stays protected from the weather.

DON’T JUST USE A PAINTER – If you want your property to be completely protected and have a finish of high quality, you should choose painters that specialise in weatherproofing. Make your selection based on cheerful hues that go well with your state of mind.


Our standard painting checklist

  • Verify that every silicone product and sealant is still flexible and sealed.
  • Make sure that all lower roof junctions are sealed.
  • Review the clearances at the bases of the cladding so that water can drain.
  • Flexible sealants should still be used in joinery because glass, rubber, and aluminium mitres may have shrunk and lost their water-repellent properties.
  • Make sure the window head flashings are sealed, and check to make sure no rain from the wind can get in.
  • Check all decks and flat membrane roofs to see if the waterproofing membrane is enough and the water is draining well.
  • Examine the points where the structure meets the outside of it for evidence of water entry.
  • These include hose taps, pergola attachments, fence fixings, downpipe fixings,
  • Review the top edges of the balustrade and parapet. These must have either a liquid membrane or a cap flashing made just for them.


Exterior House Painting Prices:

At House Painting, our prices are straightforward and based on the size of your house; labour, materials (paint), supplies/tools, and tax are all included! Our exterior service includes painting the outside walls and working on the soffits. We don't replace the fascia or rainware/gutters because we can't reach those places from the ground.

2 Coats of exterior paint. $49 per square metre.
1 Coat undercoat / primer. $25 per square metre.
The undercoat is only required if there are new walls which were never painted or you choose a different colour to the existing colour.

Price applies to the floor area. Minimum booking 75 sqm.
Note: We also provide pressure washing, interior house painting, fence painting and deck staining services. Please call us on 0800 405 670 for a quote.

*Our painters may revise the quote after an on-site inspection if extra work is required. ** It’s important that the space is empty. We will move light items, but it is the customer's responsibility to remove heavy items before they can be moved by us. 
***The exterior house painting service does not include any repairs to the roof, doors, door frames, or windows. But it will provide you with a beautiful and durable paint job to help spruce up your home's exterior for the summer! 
****If there is no parking, customers are responsible for all costs related to finding other ways to get where they need to go.

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