Flood Restoration Christchurch

Water extraction & Cleaning $20 Per SQM

Commercial dehumidifier $99 per night

Blower dryer $39 per night

Site Inspection $80 each visit

Equipment Pickup/Delivery $80 Per Visit

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Flood Restoration, Carpet Drying and Water Damage Restoration in Christchurch

Christchurch is prone to flood, and most residents would require flood restoration services in Christchurch. Have your walls and carpets soaked too much water? CleaningPro can make your carpets look new and fresh. Avail professional carpet cleaning services in Christchurch by CleaningPro. CleaningPro provides water damage restoration services in Christchurch. Using advanced structural drying techniques, we restore the water damage quickly and efficiently. Once you hire CleaningPro, leave the rest to us.

Causes and effects of water damage

Water can leak from old pipes as well as due to corroded tubing, heavy rain, and faulty water lines. If the water dripping for at least 36 hours leads to the growth of mould. Suspecting a pipe leak? Call the best water damage restoration providers in Christchurch. The more you wait, the more costly it will be get fixed.

When you hire a professional Flood restoration service provider in Christchurch, it will be much easier for your home to feel like it was before the disaster. Most companies that clean up clutter also tear up ruined carpets and wooden floors too!

Why hire CleaningPro to dry your flooded property

  1. CleaningPro employs IICRC certified technicians for restoring flood-affected properties
  2. Available on call 24/7
  3. CleaningPro has a huge inventory of commercial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers.
  4. CleaningPro's highly qualified team of technicians is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the assessment and diagnosis of damage caused by floods.
  5. Our state-of-the-art, water-claw, truck-mounted Rotovac 360i extractors are the most professional water extraction tools on the market.
  6. We have heavy-duty automobiles, such as Mercedes Sprinter, LDV V80, and Ford Transit, drastically reducing our shipping costs and response time.
  7. You will always deal with one person who represents the entire CleaningPro.

Our process

The restoration process requires the use of dehumidifiers to eradicate any smell or mould from the carpet. If our professional suggests so, the carpet padding is replaced.

The team ensures that the carpets are clean, dry, and safe to use. Once the carpets have been dried, we sanitise them. We will make the carpets look completely new.

Wet Carpet Restoration

Flood water removal is essential for carpet restoration. Using modern equipment, we remove water from the wet carpet, with minimal damages. Known to be one of the best water damage restoration technicians in Christchurch, we use the latest structural drying methods to get a job well done. Our aim is to return the room to its pre-flood condition.

Why should I get a professional carpet drying service?

Damaged pipes, leaking roofs, and other related water damage should not be ignored.

Too much moisture can do the following:

  1. Make bacteria and mould grow in the affected place
  2. Air quality is compromised in the house
  3. Damages to the structure and foundation
  4. Will cost you an arm and a leg to fix

Don't want these? Hire the best Water Damage restoration service providers timely.

The Water Restoration Process:

With a thorough inspection of walls, ceilings, and the floor, we provide an end-to-end solution and revival to any property damaged by water damage and flood.

Step 1: Inspection

Only an expert can actually assess the damage caused by floods to your property.

Classification of Damage caused by floodwater

Class 1: pertains to minimal absorption of water and moisture that is only seeping into "some" parts of the room.

Class 2: up to 40% of the area may be affected including the walls and the carpets

Class 3: more than 40% of the area has been affected. The ceilings are usually in the worst condition in such cases.

Class 4: special category damage, where the water damages surface like concrete, hardwood, and stone.

Categories of Flood Damage

Category 1: water damage that is caused by clean water sources such as cracked or leaking water pipes.

Category 2: This is a serious type of damage caused by gray water that carries detergent leaking from the dishwasher or washing machine spills.

Category 3: This is also called a blackwater flood. Such damage is caused by sewers, natural floods, and other forms of stagnant infectious water.

Step 2: Water removal from the property

We prepare custom water removal plans with suction pumps and our powerful vacuum to remove water to stop the possible growth of bacteria and fungi.

Step 3: Drying the affected area

An essential step in flood and water damage restoration, the drying process can usually take several days. CleaningPro also performs wet carpet drying for you.

Step 4: Cleaning of household items

Household utensils are easily damaged by water. We ensure household items and personal belongings are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Using air purifiers, we clean the air to improve the air quality in the building.

Step 5: restoration

The drywall and insulation material is replaced. Sometimes, changing a few panels may do, or else, the entire wall can also be replaced. We at CleaningPro eliminate all hazardous substances for a safe breathing environment.


EPA recommends disposal of any wet/ un-cleaned material after water damage as soon as possible. Such material becomes home to microorganisms and can be hazardous. Compromising the air quality is not something you would want.

It is Crucial to Act Swiftly

Most people are aware that water damage can pose significant problems, but few understand the risks associated with inadequate cleaning. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends disposing of any materials wet for over 48 hours in a water damage situation to prevent hazardous microorganisms from reproducing and spreading throughout your home. It is essential to take precautions, such as removing all damp or moist items as soon as possible after an incident occurs, to avoid breathing in contaminated air in the future.

Regardless of the type of disaster that affects your home, be it natural flooding, burst pipes, or other issues, it is crucial to remove anything submerged below the surface level within 24-72 hours.

Flood Restoration Prices

Water extraction, cleaning and sanitising $20 per square meter (minimum charge $300, i.e., 15 square metres) per property

Commercial Dehumidifier Hire $99 per night

Air Blower/Carpet Dryer Hire $39 per night

Site Inspection $80 each visit per property (Up to one hour)

Drying Equipment delivery/pick up $80 per visit

**All prices quoted do not reflect GST

Dependent on the extent of damage, some extra work may be required and charged separately. The restoration activity is not limited to what's included in the regular packages. A $X cancellation fee applies after the designated time span for cancellation.

Dehumidifiers and air dryers may be used over 48 hours in a few cases. Most carpets dry in at least 48 hours, while wall drying will take around 5 days. A detailed report is provided by our flood restoration experts after an on-site visit.

CleaningPro in Christchurch also offers carpet cleaning and mould remediation services.

*For properties requiring extra efforts will be charged additional, after on-site inspection

**Parking is the customer's responsibility, any parking cost would be borne by the customer


How do I contact CleaningPro Christchurch if I have a flood emergency?

The process is straightforward and available 24/7. You can start by calling us at 036629818, and we will send certified restoration specialists to your home.

What steps do you take for flood restoration?

Once our staff has assessed the damage thoroughly, CleaningPro's flood restoration specialists will adhere to high industry standards to restore your home to safety.

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