Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Christchurch 


Tile and Grout Cleaning $12 Per Sqm

Tile Floor Sealing $8 Per Sqm

Minimum Charge $180+GST

Extra rooms/Split Areas $50 extra for each

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Christchurch

CleaningPro brings tile and grout cleaning services to Christchurch. When employing CleaningPro as your Tile and Grout Cleaning Services expert, expect a few things: efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. Known for a job well done when it comes to tile and grout cleaning in Christchurch, we leave your tiles with a pristine finish so they look as new as before. Want to avail cheap cleaning services in Christchurch? CleaningPro is at your service.

Bringing your old tiles and hard floors back to life, CleaningPro uses contemporary steam cleaning machines, products, and procedures to render tile and grout cleaning services in Christchurch. We removed dirt and stains like there weren't any in the first place. We will not let you regret choosing us.

Tiles are known to be difficult to keep clean, and grout cleaning can also prove challenging. Grouting absorbs dirt easily, which makes it look worn out quickly. Allow CleaningPro to restore the lustre to your floors!

Grout sealing in Christchurch is mandatory if you want your tiles to look lustrous and new. Avail worthwhile grout cleaning services in Christchurch by CleaningPro. You can't afford to hire a bad company to clean your tiles and grout. CleaningPro makes sure that your tiles are sealed quickly and professionally, making them the best cleaning service in Christchurch.

CleaningPro offers specialised tiles and grout cleaning services in Christchurch. Our tile cleaning, tile floor sealing, and grout cleaning services are performed by trained experts who have proven years of experience. Do you want to avail professional tile and grout cleaning services in Christchurch? Get in touch with us.

A combination of the latest technology and high-quality products

Known as deep cleaning experts in Christchurch, we at CleaningPro stay updated with the latest technology and use premium cleaning products to bring your floors and tiles back to life. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for each service offered. From tile and grout cleaning to tile sealing and grout restoration in Christchurch, we have got you covered.

Using state-of-the-art scrubbing machines and superior quality rotary brush attachments, we clean any dirt, grease, or grime found between the tiles and or on the surface. Any sign of slime, if found, is extracted with our powerful suction machine.

Using superior quality products and high-tech equipment, we leave no nook or corner dirty.

Tile and grout polishing, hard floor sealing, and Tile floor cleaning services in Christchurch

Tiles are porous and thus require sealing. Hard floor sealing services in Christchurch need to be availed from an expert because a not-so-good job will make you incur higher maintenance costs in the future. Wondering why you should get Tile and grout sealing services? It is the ultimate solution to counter-staining and discolouration; not only do they protect, but tile sealing in Christchurch also brings back the shine to the tiles. CleaningPro is your go-to for getting all types of tiles cleaned.

Grout Colour Sealing Services in Christchurch

With the latest technology, CleaningPro re-colours and seals grout lines, giving them a straight-outta-factory look once again. Where the grout lines cannot be cleaned evenly, CleaningPro provides top-notch grout re-colouring services. Want to know more? Kindly get in touch with us.

Over time, tiles and flooring become stained. You may be able to take good care of the front of the tiles/floor, but how will you take care of the back? You don't need to. CleaningPro will

Features We Offer

When we clean the tiles and grout, we use products of the highest possible quality. We maintain the high quality of the work we do in order to strengthen our commitment to the long-term satisfaction of our clients.

Regarding the variety of services we provide, our customers have provided us with hundreds of overwhelmingly good testimonials. These thoughtful comments are what keep our work company afloat, and we take a great deal of satisfaction in performing our work to the very best of our skills.

There are a few key variables that contribute to the excellence of our grout cleaning service. Our specialists have a great deal of knowledge in this area, and they are familiar with the proper method of cleaning.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Prices in Christchurch:

Cleaning of Tile and Grout $12

Tile Floor Sealing $8

Minimum charge $180+

While the prices apply to continuous areas, a minimum of $180 is fixed for smaller areas that do not meet the stated price of tile and grout cleaning services in Christchurch.

Bathroom Floor Tile and Grout cleaning $180

Kitchen Floor Tile and Grout cleaning $180

If the area is larger than 300 sq. meters, our team will schedule a visit and provide you with a competitive price (with discounts) in accordance with the area.

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*+25% for floors requiring extra efforts.

**The price of Grout Colour Sealing price may vary depending on the size of tiles.

***Parking is the customer's responsibility, any parking cost would be borne by the customer

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