Interior House Painting Christchurch (1Br Flat)


2 Coats of Interior Paint $45 per Sqm

1 Coat of UnderCoat $25 Per Sqm

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Interior House Painting Christchurch / House Painters

CleaningPro has the best painters in town! They’ll make your house look new and shiny. Whether you need something on the inside or outside of your home, Cleaning Pro will have an experienced painter who can handle it all for a great price!

CleaningPro is an interior house painting company with years of experience helping you make your home the best it can be. They specialise in exterior and interior paints, as well as coatings that will withstand anything life throws at them. Whether you're looking for a paint job in just one room or want their entire crew all over town, CleaningPro has got your back!

Interior House Painting Prices:

The prices for interior house painting are based on the size of your home, so just factor in the floor area to find out how much it will cost. There is also a 50% deposit required before we start any work, and labouring costs include everything from walls and ceilings right down to door frames!

2 Coats of interior paint. $45 per square metre.
1 Coat undercoat / primer. $25 per square metre.
The undercoat is only required if there are new walls which were never painted or you choose a different colour to the existing colour.

Price applies to the floor area. Minimum booking 75 sqm.

We will require a 50% deposit to start the job.

The workmanship at Paint Plus is second to none. They don't just set up and leave, but take the time to do a final walk-through with you after they finish their job for your approval. Dulux products are used exclusively on jobs that require superior quality paint, such as Resene paints, which can only be found in stores like Home Depot or Lowe's; we use them because of how well they adhere to surfaces when applied correctly by our crew members who have been trained through rigorous testing processes conducted by both brands themselves—one brand has more stringent tests than the other, so it really varies depending on what type of surface needs painting!

Our Interior Painting includes these steps:

  • Set-Up and Colour Choice

    At the start of your project, our crew will show you a catalogue of different colours and help guide you in selecting them. Then they'll cover all floors with drop cloths to prevent any paint from seeping through onto delicate surfaces or expensive rugs!

  • Wall Preparation

    Based on your request and your initial estimate, the team will fill holes in walls or ceilings with spackles or joint compounds, then sand down any rough spots. In addition to this, they seal up stains before painting them, which means you'll get a much nicer looking finished product!

  • Painting

    All new drywall will be properly primed and painted with the highest quality paint. Two coats of paint in your colour choice are applied to ensure a uniform finish every time!

  • Clean Up

    We want to make sure that you have a fantastic experience when using our services, so we offer to clean the carpets and floors. Our house painters are also happy to remove all equipment from your premises at no additional charge.

  • Final Inspection

    We are confident the work will be done well, but we want to make sure that you're happy with it too. We'll do an inspection and ask for feedback from our superiors before completing this project.


Interior Painting

We have the resources necessary to execute the painting finishes required for both the interior and exterior of contemporary built residences.

Roof Painting

We are able to assist you with any aspect of roof painting that you desire. from historic mansions to ultra-contemporary dwellings, and from offices to batch plants.

Decks And Fence Painting / Staining

We are able to paint and re-paint decks, fences, and other outside structures. We are able to accomplish any job to the best possible degree, including staining your deck if it is necessary.


Note: We also provide end of tenancy cleaning, exterior house painting, fence painting and deck staining services. Please click on the link below or call us at 0800405670 for a quote.

*Our painters will revise your quote if they find any extra work is needed.
**We need your place to be empty, but any light furniture we can move. We will not take care of heavy items like beds and sofas, though. 
***The interior house painting service does not include any major repairs, exterior painting, and cupboards/cabinets.
****We know there's always a parking spot for you here, but if that fails, we're sorry to say it will cost you.

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