Christchurch Commercial Cleaning Services (Small Office)


Small Office Weekly Cleaning $105

Medium Office Weekly Cleaning $175

Large Office Weekly Cleaning $280

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Christchurch Commercial Cleaning Services (Small Office)

Looking for Commercial Cleaning Services in Christchurch? In this rapidly growing city there are many offices that need cleaning services. CleaningPro is here for you with our professional team and the latest equipment for providing you the best cleaning service.

Regardless of what size your office is! Our well-equipped and trained staff are here to do the best job! Free yourself from the cleaning stress and book our service through a call for knowing all our packages.

Our Packages:

We offer different packages available for everyone.

  • Weekly small office cleaning
  • Weekly medium office cleaning
  • Weekly large office cleaning

Different office size requires different equipment. And we use the best one to do the cleaning in no time. While working, everyone’s privacy is ensured not to invade, and it is also ensured not to create a mess. Therefore, you do not need to worry and call us for booking!

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Everything is covered in our cleaning package, be that main office, kitchen, floor, or the restrooms for the guests. 

The following are included in Office Area Cleaning:

  • Cleaning of partitions, ledges, and windowsills
  • Cleaning woodwork including frames, office wooden materials meeting tables, and conference room furniture
  • Cleaning of all computers and their accessories
  • Cleaning of contact places likes switches and doors with disinfectant
  • Ceiling and lights dusting
  • Cleaning of meeting tables and conference room furniture
  • Cleaning of all bins around and in the office space
  • Replacing disposal bags inside the rubbish bins and trash cans
  • Cleaning of glass in the office
  • Restroom Cleaning


Cleaning of the bathroom is something that no one compromises with. Everyone needs a clean and neat washroom. Hence, we take extra care of it.

  • Cleaning of toilets with disinfectant
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all toilet fixtures
  • Refilling of all restroom dispensers with liquid soap and paper towels
  • Cleaning of all bins in the restroom
  • Dispensing of trash afterward
  • Cleaning of all glass fixtures and mirrors in the restrooms


Office Area

Our cleaning staff knows that a clean, well-groomed office should have sanitary work areas and look like it was brand new. They provide the following services::

  • Dusting of all office equipment
  • Cleaning of computers
  • Cleaning of ledges and windows
  • Dusting and cleaning of all chairs and tables
  • Proper cleaning of all switches and wires
  • Cleaning of dustbins
  • Disposal of dustbins
  • Cleaning of glass windows and glass doors


Kitchen Cleaning

The following services include in kitchen cleaning:

  • Cleaning of all kitchen fixtures like sinks and tabletops
  • Cleaning of appliances from the outside
  • Cleaning of microwave from the inside
  • Mopping of the kitchen floor with disinfectant
  • Cleaning cabinets of any dirt or particles

Floor Cleaning 

The following services include in-floor cleaning:

  • Cleaning of all carpets with a vacuum cleaner
  • Mopping of all non-carpeted office floors


Commercial Cleaning Pricing:

  • Small-sized office cleaning up to three hours: $105
  • Medium-sized office cleaning up to five hours: $175
  • Large-sized office cleaning up to eight hours: $280

Why hire us:

  • The best cleaning services in Christchurch
  • Adjustable time frames
  • Usage of cleaning products (disinfectants)
  • No hidden charges
  • Transparent deals
  • Latest equipment
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Time is valued

Although the prices above are on a weekly basis, we also have a high-end customized cleaning service package, the best fit for your need at affordable prices. We also offer a one-off hourly cleaning service. Call us for the customized quote.

*25% extra will be charged for properties requiring extra efforts.

**Parking is the customer’s responsibility, wherever parking is not free, the customer will pay.

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