Hourly Cleaning Service Christchurch


The minimum visit charge is $245+ GST including an $80 call-out fee. (3 hours of cleaning)

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Hourly Cleaning Service Christchurch

Do you have a party and you are worried because your room/home needs to be cleaned quickly? So you are in the right place for CleaningPro to provide the best service for hourly cleaning in Christchurch with different attractive packages and affordable prices. CleaningPro has well-equipped professionals that are masters at their work. You can get full details either through the website or by calling us!

Our hourly cleaning services team charges you on a per-hour basis. And it starts at $35 per cleaner per hour. Also, you can book the hourly cleaning service for four hours as the minimum number of hours.

Our hourly cleaning service is perfect for those who are looking to clean up after any office party, birthday parties, or other small celebrations. Our cleaners come equipped with all the necessary supplies and materials needed to do a thorough job in no time at all!

Also, if you need help with the cleaning after the family reunion party and need to get your floors, etc. done, CleaningPro is glad to be here for you with their exceptional services. You can book your hourly cleaning service online too!

The CleaningPro has the most satisfied customers, not only due to their professional staff and the latest equipment, but also because they care about your experience.

CleaningPro has well-trained and experienced staff. They are not only efficient, but also fast, friendly, and reliable, whom you can trust with their piece of work.

The products that are used by our cleaning staff are the best for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, walls, windows, and ceilings. We also offer our service for cleaning if the cleaning needs to be done quickly, and we will get your business area or home in tip-top form, literally in the shortest amount of time. Be that any part of Christchurch. 

The Finest Cleaning Service Available on an Hourly Basis In New Zealand

We are always here to assist you with the cleaning of your New Zealand property. Our employees have years of experience and always deliver excellent service. The cities of Christchurch and Christchurch are all served by CleaningPro's hourly cleaning services.

What Can a 2-Hour House Clean Do?

No matter where in the United States you call home, there is always going to be a demand for the services of a professional cleaning company. No matter where in the world you live, there is always a need for professional cleaning services. There is a possibility that the pricing of these services will change based on your location. However, both the quality and the price will remain the same. Learn the ins and outs of hiring a housecleaner and how to reduce the hazards that are connected with doing so for the first time. For instance, if you have a child, it's possible that at the end of a long day of playing, they'd prefer to go to bed as soon as possible.

A Cleaning Service For You?

The exact services provided may change from one company to the next, but all of them offer cleaning services of some kind. You can obtain a more in-depth understanding of the scope of the company's offerings by perusing the website. Your house cleaner might also offer services such as spring cleaning, deep cleaning, and dusting. Take cost into consideration if you want to find a certified and experienced house cleaner who also has a good reputation for the work they do.

Are they really trained?

If the only things they have in your home are the tools they need to do their job, it's possible that you shouldn't hire this service provider. Keep in mind that those who work in cleaning should be familiar with how to use the goods. Additionally, they should be aware of how to safely deal with hazards such as fire and electricity. Because the majority of cleaners do not have certifications to demonstrate that they have the required training, this option might not be the ideal one for you. It's possible that cleaner safety is just as important as the quality of cleaning. You should keep in mind that cleaning is not the primary function of the firm that you choose if they do not have any training. You should also be aware of any licence requirements that the cleaners need to adhere to. If they do not have a licence, you should carefully consider whether or not to hire them. It is very important to make sure that the cleaner you hire has all of the right licenses. There are even cleaning services available in your own vicinity. These are wonderful since they spare you the trouble of searching the internet for cleaners in your region, saving you both time and effort. Find a cleaning service that has a licence to guarantee that they are safe for the property that they will be working on, whether it be your house or your place of business.


Hourly Cleaning Prices Per Hour:

The minimum charge of $245+GST including $80 Call out fee (3 hours of cleaning)

  • One Cleaner $55 Per Hr
  • A team of two Cleaners $110 Per Hr
  • A team of three Cleaners $165 Per Hr
  • A team of four Cleaners $220 Per Hr
  • Call Out fee $80 per Visit
  • Minimum booking of 3 hours

Important Notes:

All the prices mentioned above include all travel and product charges.

Also, this cleaning service is on an hourly basis and is charged likewise. But if you have some other plans like shifting or moving out and require other specialised cleaning services such as cleaning the blinds, carpets, curtains, or oven, you can avail those services too. You can check those details under specialised cleaning services.

*Parking is the responsibility of customers. Whenever parking is not available for free, the cost that will be incurred there for parking will be on the customer. Hence, the customer pays for the parking.

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