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Fire Restoration Christchurch | Smoke Odour Treatment | Soot Removal Christchurch

Unfortunately, fire is an incident that leads to small or big damage as well as a lot of financial loss. Because of the smoke inhaled by humans, fire is not only hazardous to human health but also to property. Moreover, wall and boundary damage, discoloration, and stains are the areas that need repair due to fire.

Furthermore, even the smallest fire can cause major damage to a home or building. For example, some of this damage may not be able to be fixed, and soot on other surfaces will need to be cleaned by a professional.


Common Causes of Fire Damage:

Irrespective of any reason, CleaningPro is always there to provide quality service. Generally, the causes seem to be electric fires, candles, small kitchen fires, and the following:

  • Electric fires
  • Oil and grease fires
  • Lightning strikes, candles
  • Small kitchen fires
  • Smoking
  • Smokey oven fires
  • Improper fireplace maintenance
  • Malfunctioning or improper use of space heaters
  • Fireworks
  • Creosote Build Up in Chimneys and Fireplaces
  • Faulty electric blankets
  • Christmas free fires
  • Turkey fryer fires
  • The Harmful Effects of Soot Damage and Smoke


Commonly, soot damage and smoke are caused by small kitchen fires. The powdery soot particles spread around the walls, ceilings, furniture, and belongings can be injurious to health due to their acidic nature. It then starts poisoning the property’s walls, furniture, flooring, decorations, paintings, photographs, and electronic items. 

CleaningPro offers certified, well-trained teams to restore fire damage and protect your property. They have a fire damage restoration process that is designed with the homeowner in mind.

Process of Fire Damage Restoration:

To get rid of settled smoke residue and soot, CleaningPro starts their process with a proper initial assessment evaluation and a free quote. Then the CleaningPro team starts their job with the listed steps as follows:

  1. Board-Up and Tarp:

Your property is secured and sealed after the estimate and initial assessment, which is boarding up the windows and doors. Canvas also provides roof-tops and damaged ceilings to keep other parts of the property protected.

  1. Dry Out and Water Extraction:

Next, pumping and vacuuming out of the water is done through the latest dehumidifiers and grade air movers that ensure dryness. All equipment is monitored closely to ensure fast drying.

  1. Smoke and Soot Removal:

Thermal fogging, air scrubbers, and ozone treatments are used for restoration purposes. Ensure the entire HVAC system is purified and clean to avert the soot from spreading. Offsite content restoration depends upon the extent of the damage.

  1. Cleanse:

Everything exposed to soot and smoke will be deodorized, be it furniture, fabric, or other material. The water damaged area will be sanitised to prevent mould growth.

  1. Restoration:

In the end, the building is rebuilt and brought back to its original state. To do this, we may hang new drywall, paint the walls and ceilings, lay new carpets, replace the cabinets, and refinish the hardwood floors.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Damage caused by fire, water, or flooding can result in significant devastation and an unsafe environment for you and your family. Your safety is our highest priority, and we ensure it by providing the quickest reaction times possible and a comprehensive restoration that continues until you are completely satisfied. Because of our extensive experience in addressing situations involving serious harm, we are able to swiftly seize control of your situation and deliver favourable results that truly make a difference. Get in touch with us as soon as possible for disaster recovery and damage control in any region of New Zealand, and take advantage of our emergency restoration service, which is available around the clock.

Licensed & Certified Experts with Right Experience

Here at CleaningPro, we give you the chance to network with the most accomplished people in the industry. Because of our more than six years of experience in the restoration of hazardous circumstances, including damage caused by water, fire, and mould, we are equipped with the appropriate competence to make restoration simpler. After suffering through the trauma of a serious flooding, fire, or mould situation in your property, the best stress-free approach is to allow our professional workers to take care of it themselves. Our crew has been trained to the highest possible standard, and they have been licenced and accredited in restoration procedures by relevant authorities in New Zealand. CleaningPro is the most trusted restoration services contractor in New Zealand due to its rapid response times, qualified workers, and 24 hour a day, seven day a week service availability. You will never have to suffer in silence because of the prompt emergency services that are available around the clock from CleaningPro. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to begin the process of restoring and recovering your important property.

Your Prime Restoration Contractor in New Zealand

We can be the water, mould, and fire restoration professionals in New Zealand that you turn to when you need help getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

CleaningPro can help you with the treatment of mould, the cleansing and restoration of fire and smoke damage, the restoration of water damage, and a great deal more.

Here’s how we can ensure you get the best results:

Combining conventional methods with cutting-edge apparatus and software 

  • Equipment of the highest possible quality.
  • Expertise in the field, along with at least six years of relevant work experience.
  • The highest possible returns on an investment that is well worth making.
  • Expert staff are certified and licenced by relevant authorities.
  • A strategy that prioritises the needs of the customer.

Call CleaningPro for Credible Fire Clean-up Services

All small and large damage is tackled promptly by our professionals, and this ensures the return of your property to its original condition. In the event of fire damage, please inform us immediately so that the situation does not worsen. The Cleaning Pro will be with you at every step.

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