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Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

The ideas of March are just around the corner, which means that spring is right around the corner! This is a time for rejuvenation and renewal. To help you get started with your spring cleaning, we put together this checklist to make sure that you don't forget any important steps. Cleaning out your home can be overwhelming, but with this list it will be easy peasy!


Dust off the furniture.

Start with the furniture. Dust off everything, but pay special attention to lamps and window sills.

If your furniture is really dirty, you can mix up some lukewarm water with dish soap and use a soft cloth or sponge to get it clean.

Wash the windows inside and out

Next move onto your windows! Washing them will not only make your house look better, but it is also great for letting in more light during springtime. Start by soaking a paper towel or rag with vinegar and rubbing any smudges away from the glass panes of each window. Then take an old cotton sheet (this can be one that you are just getting ready to donate) soak it in warm water mixed with regular dish soap then wipe down all the windows both inside & outside until they are completely streak-free!

Clear out the junk in your home

Now that your house is looking fresh and clean, it's time to tackle those closets!

Throw away any clothes that don't fit you anymore. If there are some pieces in your wardrobe that no longer bring you joy because they're worn down or out of style, it might be a good idea to donate them as well.

Wipe down all surfaces

Before you bring all of your clothes back into the closet, wipe down every surface in it with a vinegar-soaked rag. Doing this will prevent any mildew from growing on surfaces that are often damp.

Organize everything so that things are easy to find and put away when spring cleaning is complete! This can be done by hanging jackets & coats up neatly or placing socks and underwear inside drawers where they belong instead of leaving them strewn about (although if there's anything we can say for certain after doing our research it's that men's undergarments seem to get everywhere!)...

Clean out your pantry

The last step to perfecting an organized home? Clean out the cabinets! Clear off shelves then take everything out of all cabinets and drawers so you can wipe down everything inside. Throw away any expired food, then put back only the things that are in good shape or have a lot left to use. If there is still too much clutter after doing this step, consider donating some items if they're not worth eating anymore!

Wash bed linens and towels to get them fresh for spring!

Wash windows inside and out- If really dirty mix water & dish soap then use cotton sheet dipped in warm soapy water wipe down window panes both inside & outside until they are completely streak free; soak paper towel or rag in vinegar rub away smudges from glass pane of each window; take old sheets (can donate) soak in warm water mixed with dish soap wipe down all windows both inside & outside until completely streak free; clear out junk- throw away clothes that don't fit you anymore or are worn down/out of style, consider donating them as well;


This is a full time spring cleaning checklist, apply it to make your home cleaner than before.

Now that you're finished with your spring cleaning, sit back and enjoy the extra time this will free up in your schedule!

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