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What to do if your curtains are moldy

These steps are sure to help you get your curtains back in pristine condition! The mold may be hard to remove, but it's not impossible. In this blog post we'll discuss what needs done when fungus infects them and how prevent from happening again easily with some helpful tips for keeping your home clean all around


Identify the mold

Come to think about it, your curtains might just be a window into an infestation! The first sign is usually seen as black spots or green patches. Can you spot any of these tell-tale signs that there could very well mold underneath those fancy drapes? Better yet – get rid of them immediately because only bacteria love dark places with wet surfaces.

Remove the mold

If you are working with bleach, wear protective gloves and avoid touching your face or hands while mixing the mixture. Mix one part water to three parts Clorox Regular-oatmeal based sanitizer until it looks like paste ( Brookline Molds uses this same ratio). Apply a light coat onto any surface that needs removing; let dry before handling again

Check the curtains for damage

If you discover mold on your curtains, it's important to remove the fabric so that no other parts of the house are affected. If these seem okay but have some wear-and-tore from usage then consider replacing them instead if washing because this will save time in future cleanings when needed later down the road.

Allow the curtains to dry completely

When you're done drying the curtains, it's important that they are completely dry. This will help avoid mold from growing back and ruining your pictures again! You can hang them in different areas like near an open window or with plenty of ventilation but make sure there isn't too much moisture inside .

If the mold persists, consult a professional

You may not be able to see the mold, but it's there. The spores are all around us and can live for years without our knowledge in a place like your home--and even if you take these steps mentioned above; we recommend hiring someone who specializes on this topic because they'll know what needs done properly depending upon how severe or mild an infestation exists!

Prevent future mold growth

In order to prevent mold from growing in the home, make sure your curtains are clean and dry. If they get wet remove them as soon a possible so that it can air out before drying again with an appliance which helps keep air safe for everyone living there!

Mold removal safety tips

When removing mold, always:

- Wear gloves

- Wear a mask

- Open windows for ventilation

- Avoid using fans

- Work in a well-lit area

Mold is a gross, pesky problem that can easily be gotten rid of if you know how! There's no need to let it return with these easy steps. Just make sure not do nothing about the mold for awhile and before long all your hard work will pay off in no time at first glance we might think getting our homes looking clean would take much more effort than doing them; however proper maintenance makes life easier overall


Just follow these steps and get rid of any unwanted fungi, then treat them again in 6 months. Upholstery needs special attention because this type of fabric attracts dirt like crazy - but don't worry; with some care they'll stay clean for long periods without returning once more while still looking great today through smart cleaning methods such as vacuuming or wiping down surfaces where there are stains regularly (including behind furniture).

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