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7 Tips to Prepare Your Home: A Prepared Home for Winter:

Do you know what to do this winter? The winter season will be here before we know it, and that means the temperatures outside are going to start dropping. This is a great time of year for cozy fires and hot cocoa, but it's also important to prepare your home for the cold weather. We're going over  7 tips to prepare your home steps that will help make sure your house stays warm and comfortable all winter long!

Install a Thermostat to Control the Temperature in your home

One of the easiest ways to keep your house comfortable is by using a programmable thermostat. A good option for this time of year is one with an outdoor sensor that will turn on or off depending on how cold it gets outside, which can be perfect if you're at work and don't have access to adjusting the heat throughout the day. Just make sure not to set it too low because you need some warmth inside! It's also worth mentioning that these devices are smart enough now where they'll learn what kind of temperatures you like best so over time, it'll start making adjustments automatically based on your preferences.

Clean Out and Inspect the Gutters on Your House

It's always a good idea to clean out your gutter system during this time of year because leaves and other debris can collect in there, which means they'll eventually get clogged up as snow falls from the roof. And if you don't have enough room for that all-important drainage pipe, then it won't be able to do its job! That could lead to water spilling over onto your foundation or basement walls, which will just make everything damp inside--no one wants that! Make sure you check these areas when inspecting for drafts too; sometimes cold air is coming in through spaces where nothing should be going out.

Check all of Your Windows and Doors for Drafts

Drafts are the worst because they're going to make it impossible to keep your home warm! One way you can check for these cold spots is by sliding a piece of paper across them; if there's any air movement then that means something needs sealing shut. A great option would be using foam tape from an aerosol container such as this one on Amazon which will expand in seconds when sprayed so you'll have instant insulation--no need to wait around while it dries! Just remember not to use anything with oil-based products since those will attract dirt and dust, which will make things worse.

Pack Away Any Plants that can't Withstand Cold Temperatures

It's always sad to pack away your favorite potted plant, but it's for the best! When you're preparing your home for winter, one of the most important steps is making sure all those living creatures inside are safe and warm too. So if you have any greenery in a pot that won't be able to survive these colder temps, then it should go somewhere else where there'll be more stable conditions like an enclosed porch or room with good insulation--just don't forget about them! One way this could help would be by bringing some of their leaves indoors; they do a great job of purifying the air

Go through all of your Winter Clothes and Figure out Which Ones You Want to Wear This Season

There's nothing better than snuggling up in a warm, fuzzy sweater or coat when it gets cold outside. But one thing that sometimes happens is people forget what they had worn last year because they were so focused on buying new items for the upcoming colder months. To avoid getting stuck without something to put on after Christmas break, go ahead and pull everything back out from storage now! Don't be afraid if it's not exactly clean; these are just things you'll wear inside anyway--not out into public where anyone will see them. The most important thing is to lay it all out and make some decisions about what you want

Use a Dehumidifier to Keep Moisture at bay in Your Home's Basement or Crawl Space

The last thing you need when preparing for winter is mold growing on the walls! That will just cause more issues than anything else because if there's any leaks, then that means water will seep into places where it shouldn't be. And of course, this can lead to mildew--not only does that look gross but anyone who tries to breathe that air might start coughing as well. One way around this problem would be by using a machine like this one which sucks up excess humidity from the air and traps it in a container

Check for Any Leaks under the House or in the Roof

There are all sorts of ways that water can get into your home's foundation, but one of the most common would be through cracks in either your basement walls or underneath them. If you don't use caulk to seal these up then there'll be no stopping what could come pouring out--and not just when it rains! When snow melts off roofs, those droplets will make their way down too which means they have more time (thanks to gravity) to cause damage while trying to make their way inside. So even if you think this has never been an issue before, go ahead and take a closer look


To wrap things up, one of the most important things you'll want to do when preparing for winter is seal any cracks or gaps. You don't need to spend hours on this and it won't be difficult either; just know that small areas like these could cause your home's insulation to fail which will make it impossible to keep warm! So go ahead and put all those worries behind you by sealing them shut--once they're taken care of then there should be nothing left standing in the way between your house and a fun-filled season

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