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Keep Your Home Clean in Winter

Winter is a time of year when many people are stuck inside. The cold weather keeps them from going outside, and the snow can make it difficult to get out even if they do want to venture out. This means that your home will be the only place you have for entertainment during this season of hibernation. So what should you do? How about keeping your house clean! We've got some tips on how you can keep your home neat and tidy with just a few easy steps.


Keep air vents in your home clean

Your air vents get dirty over time, and you might not think about cleaning them. But it is important to keep your home at the right temperature. If they are all blocked up with dirt or dust, then warm air goes out of your home instead of staying in. You can use a dryer sheet that has been dampened in order to clean off area vents easily!

Don't leave wet clothes on the floor

One of the main causes of a dirty home in winter is clothes that are left on the floor. When it's cold outside, you don't want to go through the extra effort of putting your wet clothes in the dryer. But this will just lead to a messy pile of clothes on the floor that will quickly become stained and full of mold. Try hanging up your clothes as soon as you take them off, or put them in a hamper so they can be taken care of later.

Clean your bathrooms at least once a week

Your bathroom is one place in your house where dirt and bacteria love to accumulate. This is especially true during winter when people are inside more often and not taking as many showers. Make sure to give your bathroom a thorough cleaning at least once a week, and to disinfect it every other day. Try using bleach or an antibacterial spray for the best results.

Keep your dishwasher clean too!

You might not think about how dirty your dishwasher can get during winter when you aren't doing as many dishes. But if left untouched, all that dirt will quickly accumulate inside of it and make everything smell bad. Once per month, try running an empty cycle with vinegar instead of detergent in order to keep things fresh and clean!

Use dryer sheets on furniture surfaces

Your house is going to be full of fabrics like carpets and couches this time of year because they are so cozy and warm! You need something that can help remove old pet hair, lint, and other debris that might have accumulated. Try using a dryer sheet on furniture surfaces - they will help you pick up all of that unwanted stuff and keep your home looking neat!

Vacuum every week

One of the best ways to keep your floors clean is to vacuum them at least once a week. This will remove all of the dirt and dust that has been tracked in from the outside, and it will also prevent any buildup from happening. Make sure you use a good vacuum cleaner with strong suction power for the best results!


These are just a few tips on how to keep your home clean during winter. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the season without having to worry about the mess!

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