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How to Clean Your Toilet: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to clean your toilet? How do you not have one? The answer is that there are people who don't use toilets, or they just use them less often than your average person. How does this apply to you and me though? Well, we need to know how to clean our toilets so that it doesn't become an issue for anyone. We're going to go over the steps of cleaning a toilet in detail below, so be sure to take notes on what needs done!

Using Plunger

Take a plunger and plunge the toilet in order to remove any residual mess on top of the water. This will be your first step, so it's important that you do this! How did we get here again? Well, most people have some sort of bowel movement every day or two, which is usually about one-quarter cup per bowel movement. That can add up quickly if there are multiple people using a bathroom at once! So make sure you don't forget that part too when cleaning out your toilet bowl. How often should I clean my toilet? How long does waste stay around anyways? The answer is anywhere from three days to six months depending on how fresh it was when it went down there originally. If you're not sure, then you should probably go ahead and clean it anyways.

Cleaning the Toilet Seat with Vinegar & Water

Next up is to get a cloth or sponge full of vinegar and water and start wiping down the toilet seat so that there are no more stains left on there! How often should I wipe my toilet seat? If your bathroom has kids in it, then you're going to want to do this every time someone uses the bathroom. This will keep any messes from sticking around for later cleaning sessions - which we know can be difficult because those kids just won't stay still! How long does usually take before being safe to touch again? It depends on how well your children wash their hands after they use the bathroom. How often should I wash my toilet seat? If you just cleaned your toilet and it's not going to be used for the next few hours, then you can stop here. But if there are any major messes that need more attention then we recommend using a brush like this one!

Cleaning Inside of Toilet Bowl with Brush & Toothbrush

Next up use a brush to clean inside of the bowl so that all those chunks from before don't get stuck in there forever. How do I know when waste will go away? Well, as time goes by after someone has gone down there (usually about three days), the waste will start to dry up and break down. How often should I clean my toilet? You'll want to do this about once a week, though it really depends on your usage of the bathroom. How long does bad smell last in a toilet? If you're not sure then we recommend using bleach because that stuff is amazing at getting rid of odors!

Cleaning Outside Toilet Bowl with Bleach

Finally use some bleach - but only if there are stains or marks outside the toilet bowl! How many ounces per gallon for chlorine tablets? For each gallon of water in your tank, add two chlorine tablets. How long does bleach stay good for before turning bad again? As soon as you open it or mix it with another chemical (like dirt), the bleach will start to break down and become less effective. How long does a gallon of chlorine stay good for? A gallon of chlorine mix can last up to two years, which is great because you'll be able to use it as needed without worry about running out! How often should I clean my toilet? You're going to want to do this every time someone uses your toilet - that way there are no more surprises coming around when people go into your bathroom or have guests over!


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