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Common Painting Mistakes

Is your home about to be painted? If so, it's time to read this blog post! We're going to discuss the 7 most common mistakes people make when painting their homes. By avoiding these mistakes, you'll be able to finish your project more quickly and have a higher quality result at the end. So what are some of these mistakes? Read on below for more information!


Wrong color.

Surfaces can not be damaged by the wrong paint but the look will obviousy be damaged. It is best to know in advance what paint to use. Like the different colors in one room will make your house look bad.

Painting over old paint

Your walls can be severely damaged by painting with old paint. Painting over the top of old paint can lead to peeling and flaking in the future, which is no good! If you are doing a full room or an entire house, make sure to scrape off any loose bits before applying new layers on top!

Not priming before painting

Priming first gets rid of any dirt or grease on your surface. Painting without priming can cause the paint to be chipped off in some areas, which is no good! It's best to prime before painting so that you have a more even result at the end.

Trying to create something new instead of recreating what already exists

It might seem like an exciting idea but often times people are disappointed with how it turned out because they tried something different than what was originally there and didn't recreate it perfectly. Sometimes this works well for people who want a unique look, however if you're not sure about doing this yourself then perhaps hire someone else who specializes in making things look old or giving them a rustic feel!

Failing to use enough primer

Primer is important because it gets rid of any dirt or grease on the surface. If you don't use enough primers, your paint can be chipped off in some areas and may not last as long! This means that you will have to repaint more often which results in a larger cost for yourself at the end when it could've been avoided with proper preparation beforehand.

Not painting all surfaces evenly

It's easy to miss spots while painting a wall if you're doing this by hand but even machines can miss bits here and there so make sure to check over your work before leaving each room! You might want to do one section per day instead of trying to finish too much at once so that way you'll notice anything missing.

Using an inappropriate type of paint for the surface being painted

It's important to know what type of paint you should use on your surface. You don't want to go with something too hard or soft because it will cause damage in the long run so read up on each kind and determine if they're best for your particular situation!

Leaving paint cans open to dry out

When paint dries out, it becomes unusable. It's best not to leave the cans open because then they will dry up more quickly and you'll have less leftover! If you can't use them right away, make sure to put some water in the container so that way they don't dry up on you while still being usable when needed later down the road!


Avoiding these mistakes can help save time, money, and effort when trying to paint a large area such as an entire home or room at once! By following proper preparation beforehand you'll be able to reduce any risks that come from painting incorrectly. Painting is no easy task but by avoiding these common pitfalls it becomes easier than ever before!

With this blog post, we've gone over several tips and tricks about how one might avoid making some of the most common mistakes.

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