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How to Care for Wooden Floors

Caring for your wooden floors doesn't have to be difficult, but if you care about the appearance and longevity of your flooring, then it's important that you do take care of them. Wooden floors are beautiful and add a unique touch to any room in your home. However, they can also be very high-maintenance - which means more work for you! We want to help make this process easier by walking through some tips on how to care for wood floors.

Vacuuming or Sweeping the Wooden Floor

The key is the vacuum or sweep your floor at least once a day. This will help remove dirt and other particles that would otherwise cause scratches on the surface. Additionally, vacuuming or sweeping any spills as soon as you see them will help to prevent stains from setting in.

Using Dust Mop

For care of hardwood floors, use a dust mop rather than a vacuum cleaner because the dirt and particles that are collected by your vacuum may scratch the surface over time. Dusting with regularity is also important for care of hardwood floors.

Dogs and other pets can also leave behind dirt, hair, and dander which are harmful to your flooring! To avoid this problem altogether, keep your pet off the floor with rugs or mats in addition to pet-friendly furniture where they may like to sit instead. This will help protect not only your floors but also their health as these materials trap all sorts of allergens that could otherwise be circulated through the air for them to breathe into their lungs.

To care for wooden floors on a day-to-day basis, you'll want to vacuum or sweep corners as well as under furniture and appliances - especially if someone has spilled food on those surfaces at any point over time (which can lead to water damage and a host of other problems).

Apply Wood Cleaner

As an added precaution, apply wood cleaner once every two months. This will help remove any dirt or grime that may have collected in the pores of your flooring over time if you're not able care for it on a daily basis. In addition, care for wooden floors by avoiding future stains and dirt - this can be done by applying furniture coasters under items like plants (especially those with leaves) as well as candles where they could otherwise cause spills when knocked over onto these surfaces.

Stains are inevitable but there are ways to care for them! To prevent new stains from setting into your flooring surface, use protective mats around spots prone to spilling such as cooking areas, as well as using a potholder or towel when removing dishes from your oven.

Store Items on the Floor Safely

Storing items carelessly can lead to spills and other potentially hazardous accidents for both you and your flooring! To care for wooden floors, either store items on shelves that are at least 12 inches off of the ground (which will keep them away from any water sources) or place furniture coasters under anything that could be easily knocked over onto these surfaces in case they have liquid inside. This way, not only can you prevent stains but also accidental spillages which would otherwise ruin your hard work. Additionally, make sure to use protective mats around spots prone to spilling such as cooking areas and entrance areas.

Vacuuming Spills

Vacuuming spills when they occur! And don't forget about dusty corners: use your dust mop on those places where dust accumulates over time. It's also important not to wear shoes inside the house so you can protect your floors from any scuffs and scrapes that are caused by walking around in them all day long - this dulls their shine more quickly than you may think! You should apply a wood cleaner like Pledge Wood Care.

Wearing Shoes

Wearing shoes inside the house as it will dull the shine of your floors over time and make them more susceptible to dirt buildup which can ruin their appearance faster than you may think!


Hopefully, you have read this guide and you will apply these tips for your Wooden floor. After applying these tips your floor won't look dull anymore and it will have a longer life.

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