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7 Ways to Make Your Floor Shine Like New

When you walk into a store and your shoes stick to the floor, it doesn't feel very nice. And when we come home from work and our feet are black with dirt and grime, we can't wait to get those shoes off! But what if there was a way to keep floors looking new all the time? Well there it is! This blog post will show you 7 ways that will help make your floor shine like new.

Clean the floor with a household cleaner and dry it off with a mop.

If you have carpet, try using a shop vac on it to get the dirt and grime up. Use vinegar with warm water for scuff marks on laminate floors or tile flooring. Combine one cup of white distilled vinegar mixed with three cups of warm water in a bucket and use this as your cleaning solution for all other types of hardwood flooring such as oak, maple, Brazilian cherry wood, For more stubborn stains like shoe polish splatters from leather shoes, use rubbing alcohol on those areas first then follow up by treating them with the mixture mentioned above.

Use a solution of vinegar and water to remove stains from your floor.

This solution works great on rust stains, coffee or tea stains and even wax!

It has an easy to fill water tank which you can just spray with vinegar mixed with warm water. The unique triangle shape of this mop head will allow it to cover more floor area in less time. Use distilled white vinegar instead of fabric softener when washing micro fiber pads for maximum absorbency. If you don't have any vinegar at home try using lemon juice because it is natural and very effective but not as strong smelling so keep that in mind before choosing one over another.

If you have linoleum, apply a light coat of oil or wax for protection.

For linoleum flooring you can use beeswax or floor polish.

This will give your linoleum floor protection against spills and stains while also making them shine.

Vacuum regularly to get rid of dirt that accumulates on the surface of

Vacuuming will remove dirt from the surface of your floor and make it shine like new.

This will prevent any spills from getting stuck in the fibers of your carpet and help you get rid of stains that may accumulate over time.

Use a rag soaked in white vinegar mixed with warm water

Vacuum the flooring before washing with a mixture of vinegar and water to get rid of built up dirt, mop it down after drying then follow up with a coat of wax for protection.

This mixture will remove the extreme stains and make your floors look like new.

Scrub away any tough stains using a scrub brush or sponge

Scrub the stains with the mixture of vinegar and warm water.

The scrubbing brush will remove any tough stains on your flooring such as shoe polish or wax from shoes that might have spilled onto the surface over time.

Don't use any abrasive cleaners on your flooring.

This will cause damage to the protective layer of wax or oil that is applied over linoleum floors for protection and can also scratch all other types of hardwood flooring as well.


It's best just to vacuum it up instead if there are spills of liquids such as water, juice or coffee then wipe them away with a damp cloth immediately after. Never let stains sit on the surface because they could penetrate into the fibers causing permanent staining later down the road which is why following this guide mentioned above will make sure you can keep those surfaces shining like new!

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