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7 Tips for Your Best Garden Ever

So you want a beautiful garden? Yes, you need it also, plants play a great role in making anyone un-depressed and fresh all the time. But creating a perfect garden, Well, it doesn’t happen by accident! There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want your best garden ever. In this article, we will discuss 7 tips for creating the best garden possible.

You Need to Find a Sunny Spot for Your Garden

If the weather is too hot or cold it will be difficult for many plants to grow. You also want an area that gets at least six hours of sun every day so the best time would be after lunch when the temperature starts to cool down and there isn’t harsh sunlight either. It might take some trial and error if your yard does not have enough shade but most people can find something suitable for their garden in their backyard or on their balcony/patio.

Pick Out Which Types of Plants Work Best

Where these plants are growing right now (eg: planting “cold hardy” flowers in places where there is snow Also make sure the plants will grow best in your climate by checking the USDA plant hardiness zone map. This can help you determine which plants do best where you live and it also lets you know what type of winter temperatures they are able to withstand so that way, you don’t accidentally kill a few flowers because its too cold outside!

Put Down Mulch for Weed Control

By putting down mulch around your garden beds or throughout the entire yard/garden area, weeds have an extremely difficult time growing which means less work on our part! This is why some people feel like they hardly ever have to weed their gardens…weeds just won’t come through the thick layer of mulch surrounding all their beautiful flowers and plants. Mulch also helps to retain moisture in the soil and it doesn’t allow as much water to evaporate which keeps plants hydrated for longer periods of time!

Use Compost as Fertilizer

Using organic materials such as manure or garden waste is a great way to fertilize your garden without having chemicals seep into the ground and eventually end up in our drinking water. If you aren’t familiar with how best to create compost, then there are lots of good videos online that show different methods for creating high-quality organic matter. It might seem like too much work but trust me, once you see all those beautiful flowers blooming…it will be so worth it! You can even add things like coffee grounds and eggshells to your compost for added nutrients!

Install a Rain Barrel

If you want free and organic fertilizer then this is the best way to accomplish that goal. All of those rain water drops will come in handy when it comes time to nourish all the beautiful flowers blooming throughout your garden lawn or landscape design. The best part? You can use them whenever you want so no more trips down to the hardware store just so you can buy some expensive bagged fertilizers! The other benefit from using a rainwater collection system (eg: barrels) is that they prevent excess runoff which eventually would end up back into our waterways where we swim and fish sometimes even drinking water if it isn’t filtered properly.

Keep Pests Away by Planting Flowers That Attract Beneficial Insects

If you want to go organic then this is the best you can do! There are many different types of plants that will not only feed hungry bees but also give them shelter so they can multiply instead of having to worry about being killed during cold winters when their homes have been destroyed. Most flower gardens tend to attract lots of bugs which means if we don’t do something about it…our beautiful garden could quickly become overrun with all sorts harmful things like aphids or even beetles!

Check Out Gardening Forums Online For More Advice

There are tons of different ways to get your best garden ever and you often don’t know what is best until someone else has already tried it! It also helps if we share our own experiences with the plants we have grown in particular areas (eg: zone). This way, when people refer to a specific type of plant they can give us an idea about whether or not it will grow well where we live or even how large that flower might end up being when they bloom next spring/summer time! So be sure to find some good resources.


The best way to garden and keep your best garden ever is by using organic materials such as mulch, compost, rainwater collection systems (eg: barrels), checking out gardening forums online for advice and planting flowers that attract beneficial insects. These methods will ensure we don’t have to use chemicals in our gardens which can eventually end up back into the water supply or even worse…our bodies!

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